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Accommodation Opportunities

Accommodation Opportunities

We prepared this article as a guideline about accommodation opportunities for the international students who will study in Turkey.

Dormitories in Turkey

Dormitories in Turkey are divided into two parts: State and private dormitories.

State Dormitories

The main importance of state dormitories is that having inexpensive fee. The student, who would like to stay in a dormitory, has to apply via the webiste of Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu (Dormitory Organizations of Turkey: KYK). The application process is announced by KYK and you should look at the website of  KYK for the application dates. The features of state dormitories are different.Generally, room capacity of state dormitories are for 4 or 6 students. Rarely, there are rooms for 12 students in some dormitories. Also, there are state dormitories, which have semi-private status. The room capacity of these dormitories are for 2 or 4 students. The monthly payment of semi-private dormitories are higher than the monthly payment of state dormitories.

The types of rooms of state dormitories are different. Rooms have a bed or a bunk bed, and a wordrobe for student’s belongings. State dormitories has high-speed Internet service for free. In addition, all rooms have a refrigerator.

Usually in state dormitories, showers and toilets are shared on each floor for general usage.

However, many semi-private status dormitories have own shower and toilets in every room.

For the students, who have Turkish scholarship program, there is no application for dormitories because of having special quota in state dormitories for them.

Private Dormitories

Since state dormitories have limited quota, the international students prefer private dormitories. The prices and quality of private dormitories are higher than the prices and quality of state dormitories.

The room capacity of private dormitories are for 1-4 students. The room price is set according to the criterias of location of dormitory, comfort, type of room capacity and service quality. The monthly price of a single room of a standard dormitory at the city center is around $ 500-600. The meal is not included in that price.

The prices of private dormitories in Turkey has variety between cities. Monthly payment is up to $1000 in metropolitan cities. The students, who want to stay at private dormitories, should pay attention to the followings:

  • You should pay attention for payment type (monthly payment, annual payment, cash payment etc.) of the dormitory, which you will be staying at. In some cities of Anatolia, the dormitories require annual payment for international students.
  • We recommend you to carefully read all terms of dormitories agreement. After the agreement, please do not forget that you have to pay dormitory fee for 1 year, except if you suspend your registration.
  • You should ask about the services, which are included in the agreement. In some dormitories the services like laundry and fitness etc, is free but these services can have fee.

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