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Who Are Acknowledged as International Students

Who Are Acknowledged as International Students

“Who are acknowledged as International Students?” This question, in some situations, can be really confusing. By this article, you’re going to ease it.  The criterias of acknowledging as International students in Turkey:

I am a Turkish citizen but…

Even if you are a citizen of Turkish Republic , in some situations you can be considered as international status in Turkey. The main issue here is that, in which country  you got your high-school education. For instance, Ayşe is a Turkish citizen and because of her father’s job (or any other reason) if she spent her last 3 years of high school life in Azerbaijan or another country (except for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), she can take YÖS exam and she can take advantage of quotas for international students at the universities in Turkey. Here, Ayşe’s citizenship doesn’t play a big role at all. Turkish citizens who live abroad can take advantages of this situation (the most important factor is that studying in all high-school education abroad).

I am a citizen of Turkey and Bulgaria

In this case, if students spent their high-school years in Turkey  then arises a situation of citizenship . For instance, Ali was born in 1992 in Bulgaria and got the citizenship of Bulgaria. He moved to Turkey with his family in 1993 and got the citizenship of Turkey in the same year. Here, it is necessary to have a look at the time of  birth of the student. The situation for Ali is that, when he was born he got the citizenship of Bulgaria, but not Turkey. After that, he got the citizenship of Turkey. Thus, Ali can get education in Turkey as an international student without changing the citizenship.

In the above sample, if Ali’s family moved to Turkey in 1992 and if Ali was born after his family got the citizenship of Turkey, he could receive the right of Turkish citizenship. Thus, even if he had the citizenship of Bulgaria, he could not apply to universities as an international student. In this case, after renouncing Turkish citizenship, the students can be considered as international students. If such students are accepted to the universities without renouncing of Turkish citizenship, in the future because of this illegal situation, they will be expelled from the universities.

I had applied for becoming a citizen of Turkish Republic…

Alex came to Turkey with his family and continued the education of secondary school in Turkey. Then he applied for Turkish citizenship. In this case, the student even if he got  Turkish citizenship before taking YÖS, he will not have problems and he is considered as an international student. The individual, who got married with a Turkish citizen in Turkey and then has Turkish citizenship, can benefits from this case.

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