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ALES Examination

ALES Examination

Turkish Universities are divided into two parts that require or do not require ALES Examination score in their master and doctoral admission.

What is the ALES ?

It is an exam for starting master degree or becoming an academician after masters degree.

Who participate in ALES Examination?

1) The ones who want to be called as academic personnel at the universities: The titles are like academician, tutor, researcher, translator and educational and learning planner.

2) The ones who are graduates from a university all around the world and would to study master and doctoral degree in Turkey.

3) Turkish citizens who are planning to go abroad to have master and doctoral degree sponsored by Turkish state.
ALES exam is organized twice in a year in November and March by ÖSYM (SSAC of Turkey). Also, Turkish Universities accept admission for master and doctoral degrees twice in a year.

According to the information about ALES by ÖSYM in 2013, ALES will be organized in Turkey, Nicosia (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). The ones, who live in out of these 3 countries, have to come to Turkey for ALES.
The validity of ALES is 3 years. Thus, a question may come to your mind:

– “If I had ALES exam a few times, do I have to apply to universities with my last score of ALES?”

– “No, you are not obliged for it. You can apply to university for master and doctoral degree with any of the scores you have on hand that are valid for 3 years.”
ALES consists of  two parts: mathematical and linguistic parts. There are 4 parts in ALES: Mathematics-1, Mathematics-2, Linguistic-1 and Linguistic-2 and each of them has 50 question, so totally there are 200 questions. Those questions are distributed before the exam in the same booklet. The duration of ALES is 180 minutes (3 hours). 4 wrong questions remove 1 right question.

Your ALES score is assessed in 3 different ways. Results are announced on the website of  ÖSYM. These ways are:

1) Equally-Weighted (for master/doctoral programs at all departments of Economic and Administrative Sciences and some specialties of Education faculties)

2) Mathematical (for master/doctoral programs at the departments that have more mathematical topics as Engineering, Architecture and Science)

3) Linguistic (for master/doctoral programs at the departments that have more humanitarian topics as Literature, Law, Language-History-Geography)

ALES Examination Score and Admission Rules of Universities

According to the criteria of YÖK(Turkish Higher Education Council), universities’ senators assess ALES score of students who applied to master and doctoral is independent, but impact of ALES must not be lower than 50% of the assessment criteria. In other words, your high ALES score may not be sufficient to be accepted. Such criterias like interview and your GPA play crucial roles.

Some Turkish universities accept students with international certificates of GRE or GMAT scores instead of ALES.
Turkish universities are divided into two parts for admission of international students: those which require ALES score and those who do not require  ALES score. In addition, some universities require ALES score from international students for application, they do not require any point limitations.

According to the decision of universities’ senators, application limit criteria of ALES score changes from year to year. For instance, a university that required ALES score last year, may not require ALES score this year.

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