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Application for Student Visa

Application for Student Visa

Before registering for getting education in the universities of Turkey, international students should get through the procedure of application for Student Visa.

The international student who qualified for registration in one of the University in Turkey, has to go with Letter of Acceptance, which will be sent you by the university, to the Embassy of Turkey or  the Consulate of Turkey of country where s/he lives to get a student visa.

If you come to Turkey with a tourist visa, you can not register to university without student visa. The universities essentially require a student visa. You can not get a student visa in Turkey. You must get a student visa from the Embassy of Turkey or the Consulate of Turkey in your country.

Thus, you have to come to Turkey with a student visa. First of all, you have Letter of Acceptance  from your university on your post address or e-mail address. That letter is an official document about your qualification for the university. Together with that letter and the documents mentioned below, you can get a student visa from the Embassy of Turkey or the Consulate of Turkey in your country.

List of embassies and consulates of Turkish Republic –

The documents required for a student visa:

  • Passport at least 1 year of validity
  • Application form which is taken from  Consulate or  Embassy of Turkey
  • Passport photos
  • Letter of Acceptance from universities
  • Visa fee

Visa rules change in every country. Thus, we recommend you to contact with the Consulate and Embassy of Turkey in your country. Some countries may want abstract account of education fee, which is paid. If you do not want to have problem, please contact with the Consulate of Turkey in your country.

After you arrived to Turkey with your student visa and registering your university, within 30 days(some countries provides student visa for 90 days)  you have to convert your student visa to residence permit. You can get residence permit from the police department of your city, where your university in, or declared police department in a district.

For getting residence permit, you firstly make an appointment on the Internet.

For information about residence permit and making an appointment-

NOTE:  Student visa is only for one entry to Turkey. When you come to Turkey with that visa, before you leave from Turkey, you have to make an appointment for residence permit. In case of leaving from Turkey without applying residence permit, your student visa will be cancelled, so before you come to Turkey again, you must get a student visa. Do not forget that, this kind of students can face with problems!

Conditions for student visa is not required :

  1. According to permission of related institutions, the international students, who want to study in bachelor and master degree without having a break of no more than 1 year to their residence permit and completed their secondary and high education in Turkey, are not required for student visa.
  2. The international students, whose parents have work visa and residence permit, are not required for student visa.

According to the law number 5203, if you have BLUE CARD, there is no need for student visa.

More information about the blue card –

If you are already registered at any other university of Turkey and you have residence permit  and  student visa, and if you want to register at another university in Turkey, there is no need to go abroad and to get a student visa. Instead of it, after your registration at a university, you can go to the police department with your student certificate to extend/change your residence permit, which you get from university.

Student visa is not required from the students, who have double citizenship and one of them is Turkey Citizenship.

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