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Association Degree and Bachelor Degree Education

Association Degree and Bachelor Degree Education

The presence of different cultures in one place and a high quality of education gives a remarkable experience to international students. International students, who want to get association degree and bachelor degree education in Turkey, must follow some university terms after completing secondary school education.

The university education level in Turkey meets European standards. Corresponding to modern education potentiality, education languages are held in English and Turkish languages. Despite the fact that most of the universities held the lessons in Turkish, still there are universities that has English as education language completely. Turkish universities’ diplomas have equivalent in almost every country.

International students, who study in Turkey, can benefit from student exchange programs during the studying process. In other words, international students can participate in a such student exchange program – Erasmus as Turkish students participate. Erasmus is a program, which provides an opportunity for students to get education for at least one semester and at most two semesters at a university in Europe that is a partner of your university in Turkey. During this period, the student gets a financial aid from the state.

University education in Turkey is provided by private or government universities. The public universities’ fees are less than private universities’ fees. The annual education fee in public universities for international students are around $500 – 1000. This fee can increase in some public universities till $7500. The annual fee changes depending on the university and faculty. The students, who have Blue Cards and renounced from Turkish Republic because of some reasons, or had their secondary school education abroad, do not pay the fee for university education.

The payment for private universities is varied. International students can have an opportunity of getting scholarship for tuition in some private universities. There could be either a full scholarship (100%) or partial (25%, 50%, 75%).

There are programs in bachelor and associate degrees in universities. Students can get registered in one of them. The duration of association degree program is 2 years. The students who graduate from this programs can work as intermediate staffs. The duration of the bachelor degree is varied. The duration of medical faculty is 6 years in Turkey. The duration of dentistry and pharmacology is 5 years. Other faculties’ duration are 4 years.

Foreign Language Preparation

Some programs have foreign language preparation course. The duration of such course is 1 year. However, this duration is not included in each programs’ duration. Foreign language preparation classes depend on education language in the university. Generally, education of foreign language in universities is in English. Furthermore, there are many universities whose education are in other languages. In such universities, students get education according to the language of their program.

Foreign language education takes two semesters, in other words, one year. Still some universities give students a chance to finish this course in one semester by tolerance. For more information about it, you should contact with the university in which you want to get education.

Associate Degree / Bachelor degree for international Students in Turkey

Those students, who want to get education in Turkey, must be graduated from a high school or an institute that have equivalent to high school education in Turkey and they should provide the results that meet the universities requirements.

The universities in Turkey are competent to set criterias for admission of international students. Thus, some universities organize their own “Entrance Exam for International Students” (YÖS). However, some universities only require international exam results or grade average result of high school diploma for admission of international students. You can get information about YÖS and other exams under the category “Exam Preparation” on our website.

On our website, you can have a look at the profiles of the universities that you are interested, for understanding which university requires which conditions for their admission process.


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