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Banking System in Turkey

Banking System in Turkey

Turkey has one of the developing banking systems in the world. Deposits in Turkish banks are guaranteed by the state. Every bank has online banking services. You can realize all transaction, which you do in banks, by your computers, smart phones or tablets. Recent global crisis did not affect on Turkish banks. ATMs of private and state banks are almost at every main street and shopping malls. Except transferring money, in the banks you can pay invoices, taxes and other payments and gold, stocks and currency can be bought and sold.
The international students, who have İkamet Tezkeresi (permission for living in Turkey), will get a foreign ID number. By this ID number, you are able to open an account at any bank. Through this account, you can realize all bank procedures (except drawing in a loan). The account is able to transfer money to abroad or it transfers money from abroad to this account. There is an annual fee of the account which varies according to each bank. Some of banks do not require an annual fee for the account.  The annual fee is usually between $ 15-30. You can find detailed information about account maintenance fee from the bank that you have an account.

Also, international students can get credit cards in Turkey.

NOTE: Money transfers from Iran to Turkey and from Turkey to Iran are realized in limited banks due to the imposition of embargo.


Web-sites of some of the banks in Turkey:

Ziraat Bankasıı –
Vakıf Bank –
Garanti Bankası –
T.C. İş Bankası –
Deniz Bank –
Yapı Kredi Bankası –
Türkiye Finans –

You can transfer money without a bank account by Caspian Money Transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union. The websites of foundations for money transfer services:

MoneyGram –
Western Union –
Caspian Money Transfer –

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