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Law Education in Turkey

Law Education in Turkey Status of international students that want to study law educaiton in Turkey. Many students dream for getting law education. There are several points related to the law education that international students must know. First of all, you have to decide where you will work after graduating …

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Why Study Turkish?

Why Study Turkish? In this article we’re going to inform you shortly about why study Turkish and what opportunities learning Turkish can provide you. Nearly 300 million people in the world talk Turkish language and this amount has been increasing rapidly day by day. Turkey has trade relations with all …

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ALES Examination

ALES Examination Turkish Universities are divided into two parts that require or do not require ALES Examination score in their master and doctoral admission. What is the ALES ? It is an exam for starting master degree or becoming an academician after masters degree. Who participate in ALES Examination? 1) …

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What is YÖS?

What is YÖS  In this article, we’re going to respond your question ‘What is YÖS?’ and inform you detailly. YÖS (international students exam) was organized by a central system SSAC in Turkey (ÖSYM) had been lasted until 2010 year and then it was removed. Instead of it universities created some …

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