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About Turkey

Life Standards in Turkey

Life Standards in Turkey Turkey is a student country in terms of living standards. Life standards in Turkey are high but cost cheaper than other European countries. All demands and services from daily life to entertainment can be provided in reasonable prices. Life never stops in metropolitan cities (Istanbul, Ankara, …

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Climate in Turkey

Climate in Turkey Turkey is divided into 7 geographical regions and all regions have 4 seasons. Climate in Turkey differs among regions. Nevertheless, each region has its own seasonal differences. Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean regions are dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Black Sea region always is rainy as a result …

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Official Holidays and Feasts of Turkey

Official Holidays and Feasts of Turkey Official holidays and feasts of Turkey are divided into two parts: Official holidays and Religious holidays. These days were officially announced as holidays. During official holidays, all government institutions and majority of the private organizations do not work.  In other words, banks and government …

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Life and Culture in Turkey

Life and Culture in Turkey Life in Turkey consists of many different cultures and traditions. Turkey is dominated by both eastern and western cultures. As geographically, Turkey has strategic importance. Many civilization were born in territory or land of Turkey. In addition, Turkey is a very modern and developed country. …

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