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Before Travel to Turkey

Accommodation Opportunities

Accommodation Opportunities We prepared this article as a guideline about accommodation opportunities for the international students who will study in Turkey. Dormitories in Turkey Dormitories in Turkey are divided into two parts: State and private dormitories. State Dormitories The main importance of state dormitories is that having inexpensive fee. The …

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Application for Student Visa

Application for Student Visa Before registering for getting education in the universities of Turkey, international students should get through the procedure of application for Student Visa. The international student who qualified for registration in one of the University in Turkey, has to go with Letter of Acceptance, which will be …

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Travel in Turkey

Travel in Turkey Intercity travel in Turkey is very enjoyable. Particularly, for recognition of cultural diversity and visiting historical and touristic places will be more fun during your trip. Almost in areas of Turkey, you can see international students and tourists with the aim of travelling. Around 15 million tourists …

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