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Experience in Turkey

Banking System in Turkey

Banking System in Turkey Turkey has one of the developing banking systems in the world. Deposits in Turkish banks are guaranteed by the state. Every bank has online banking services. You can realize all transaction, which you do in banks, by your computers, smart phones or tablets. Recent global crisis …

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Working While Study

Working While Study International students have the right of working while study. They can have a part- time job as a legal term. International students, who study in Turkey as from 11th April 2014, have the right to work. This law relates to international students who study at doctoral, master’s, …

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Health System of Turkey

Healt System of Turkey The health system of Turkey is organized in a way that international students can benefit. During the unversity education, the students can use state or private insurance in Turkey. Turkey’s health system has progressed. There are state and private sector health  institutions. First aid is free,  …

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