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Life in Cities

Life in Antalya

Life in Antalya Antalya is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey and located at the Mediterranean coasts. Antalya is one of the best tourism centers’ of both Turkey and the World, since every year it hosts tourists, whose number is at least 5 fold of the city’s population. Its …

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Life in Ankara

Life in Ankara Ankara is the capital and the political center of Turkey. Ankara has a history, which is dated back to Hittite Empire. With having 5 millions population, Ankara is one of the crowded cities of Europe. Primarily, the Turkish Parliament and all ministerial offices and headquarters of political …

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Life in Eskişehir

Life in Eskişehir Eskişehir, where is 3 hours away from Istanbul and 1 hour away from Ankara, is a historical and touristic city and known as student city of Turkey. During the history, it hosted Phrygia, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires. The population is around 800.000. Since the city has …

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Life in Istanbul

Life in Istanbul Life in Istanbul is interesting and unrepeatably beautiful. During the history, Istanbul was the capital of many countries. It is located on a peninsula, whose 3 sides are surrounded by sea. In the long run, the city expanded its territory and today with having around 20 millions …

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Life in Izmir

Life in Izmir Izmir is one of metropolitan cities of Turkey with over 4 millions population. During the history, Izmir hosted many civilizations and nowadays Izmir is still known as sanctuary in Christian World by having the house of the Virgin Mary and Ephesus. Also, the city has other important …

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