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Climate in Turkey

Climate in Turkey

Turkey is divided into 7 geographical regions and all regions have 4 seasons. Climate in Turkey differs among regions.

Nevertheless, each region has its own seasonal differences. Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean regions are dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Black Sea region always is rainy as a result of dense forests . Other areas are dominated by continental climate. By the advantage of the climate of Turkey is a tourism area during all seasons. Simply, the number of 5 stars hotels in Antalya is more than the number of 5 stars hotels in Spain. Agricultural products are exported to many countries all around the world because of having productive land. Livestock is common in Southeast region of Turkey.

Turkey’s 3 sides are surrounded by seas. At the same time, when winter sports events are organized in northeast of Turkey, in southwest of Turkey water sports events are organized and you can swim. Usually, the weather is around 20-25 Celsius degrees in spring, around 30-35 Celsius degrees in summer, in autumn around 15-20 Celsius degrees and  in winter around 5-15 Celsius degrees.

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