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Contacting with your family from Turkey

Türkiye'de GSM İnternet ve Kargo Hizmetleri

Contacting With Your Family From Turkey

Contacting with your family from Turkey is very easy. The single thing is to choose the right communication tool for it.

Communication tools are used in a very active way in Turkey. Mobile phone, home phone, the Internet access, mail services and cargo services have very high standards. Mobile phone signals are covered  the 99% of  Turkey’s territory. For choosing one of the communication tools, you should consider your budget, which is one of the most important criteria.


When you call from abroad to Turkey, you must dial home number with the city’s code number or mobile phone number after dialing +90. For instance, when you call to Istanbul from abroad, it is necessary to call as +90 212 … .. ..

212 is the code number of European side of Istanbul. It is necessary to dial city’s code number after Turkey’s code number.

For internal call in Turkey, you must dial home phone number or mobile phone number after dialing 0.

For cities’ code numbers in Turkey-

You can call your family’s  home and mobile phones from the Internet. For this, you must use applications like Viber, Skype and Google Voice via your computer or mobile phone. These kind of calls have cheaper tariff.

For more information about Skype  –

For more information about Viber –

For more information about Whatsapp –

Calling emergency numbers

Calling emergency numbers from home or mobile phone is free. For these calls, you should know the numbers below

Fire service – 110

Ambulance -112

Police – 155

Usage of mobile phones

There are 3 different mobile operators in Turkey. These national operators provide services all over the country. Also, these operators provide mobile Internet services. By the operators, which  have 4.5G connection services, the Internet connection speed is up to 100 Mbs.

The mobile phone that you bought abroad, you should register your phone to use it after arriving to Turkey. After you begin to use the phone, you should register it during the first 15 days. Otherwise, your phone is unable for usage. For that, at first you should go to the tax office with your passport, pay its fee, then register your mobile phone at the central offices of GSM operators.

If you do not use your phone with the SIM cards of Turkish operators in Turkey, there is no need for  registration.
In Turkey, mobile phone numbers divide into 2 parts: postpaid and prepaid. The usage fee is paid at the end of the month for postpaid. You should get more information about the tariff and the details for using postpaid mobile phone numbers. Otherwise, you can expose to higher invoices. For prepaid mobile phone numbers, you use it till your credits end. When your credit ends, you can add credits to your phone  by mobile phone stores.

For  a prepaid mobile phone number, you must only bring your passport. You can go to the store of one of the operators that you wish, you can buy your prepaid number. Generally, prepaid numbers will be activated at the same day that you have it.

For a postpaid mobile phone number, it can be needed additional documents for non-Turkish. The operators can want  the guaranty of a Turkish citizen for it.

You can find information about necessary documents for postpaid subscription from the stores.

Mobile operators:

Turk Telekom –

Turkcell –

Vodafone –

The Internet Usage

Internet usage in Turkey is very common. You can connect to the Internet from your home, university or dormitory. Many universities have Wi-Fi connection in their campus. You can get password from your university. For this, we recommend to read the information about it on the website of your university

Also, you can use mobile internet packages of GSM operator. All operators have own 3G high-speed Internet access. You can use the Internet with the purchase of mobile internet package. 3G connection is not supported everywhere. Thus, you should learn that the region, where you use mobile Internet, has 3G connection or not.

There is Wi-Fi almost in every cafe and social places in Turkey. You can access to the Internet easily.

If you use the Internet at your home, you will have several alternatives. These are ADSL, KabloNet and Fiber optics Internet, which began to serve by developing technology. ADSL service is provided by the company TTNET. In every part of Turkey, TTNET provides these services.

For more information about ADSL  –

For more information about Türksat KabloNet –

For more information about Fiber Optics Internet  –

Post and Cargo services

Post and Cargo services in Turkey are organized by state and private firms. There are offices of state and private companies in all cities and districts. In some districts of Anatolian cities may not be private companies’ offices. In this case,  you use post and cargo services of  the state.

You can follow your post or cargo on the Internet for finding where your post/cargo is. For using this service, you should request about this before you send.

If you send post or cargo to abroad, using the post services of the state will be advantageous for your budget. However, at this point it is important delivery time of your post/cargo to recipient. If you want to send it quickly, we recommend you to look at  private companies.

PTT (State Postal Services) –

Aras Cargo –

MNG Cargo –

Yurtiçi Cargo –

UPS Cargo –

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