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Health System of Turkey

Healt System of Turkey

The health system of Turkey is organized in a way that international students can benefit.

During the unversity education, the students can use state or private insurance in Turkey.

Turkey’s health system has progressed. There are state and private sector health  institutions. First aid is free,  also the students can benefit from the state hospital without any medical insurance. It is required to have state insurance (SGK) to have medical attention except first aid. Otherwise, you can use state hospitals by paying medical fee.

In private hospitals, without any medical insurance, it is possible to get medical services for their fee.

Before trip to Turkey

If you have any medical treatment or if you had a serious illness before your trip, we recommend you to take the medicines and medical certificates, which are translated into Turkish. These certificates will enable you to get help if you need.

If you stay at a dormitory in Turkey, the medical certificate can be required during the dormitory registration. This certificate is required in order to indicate that you do not have infectious disease. We recommend you to communicate with your dormitory for medical certificates which are required before your registration.

We suggest you to have travel insurance for your trip in case of an accident. For more information about the insurance you can communicate with the company that you will realize your travel.

Medical Services during Your Study

After registering in the university, you can use insurance system (SGK) of the state during your study . Therefore, it is required to register in SGK within one month after your university registration. The registration procedure depends on you and SGK registration procedure is organized by the university. The insurance fee monthly is around $20. The payments are usually cash on a quarterly basis. If you do not pay, you can be punished.

There is no need for you to pay for SGK, if you come to Turkey to get education with “Turkey Scholarships” program.

By the health insurance, the students have free treatment in the state hospitals and buy medicines with discounted prices. In addition, in many private hospitals the students pay 20% of  treatment. Also, medicines can be bought from any pharmacy by doctor’s recipe with 20% of the price.

Pharmacies in Turkey work from 8.30 to 19.30 in the week days. These work hours might be change according to the city and season. Except these hours, there are some pharmacies which work 24-hours in a day. At the same way, in the official holidays only  these kind of pharmacies are open.

If you wish, you can have private insurance in Turkey. According to private insurance, there are available outpatient and inpatient treatment services. Some packages of this insurance, all expenses of your treatment covered by insurance.

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