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Law Education in Turkey

Law Education in Turkey

Status of international students that want to study law educaiton in Turkey.

Many students dream for getting law education. There are several points related to the law education that international students must know.

First of all, you have to decide where you will work after graduating from a Turkish university’s law faculty. In case, if you think to continue your academic career after graduating from law faculty then, there is no problem. However, there are a few details that regarded to Turkish citizenship which you have to pay attention if you want to work as a judge, a lawyer and a prosecutor after your graduating.

If you are not a citizen of Turkish Republic, then keep in mind that, application procedure for becoming a citizen cannot be easy as you think.

Why is it not logical to study at law in Turkey for those who are not Turkish citizens or Balkan refugees?

If you want to be a judge or a prosecutor in Turkey, you cannot work in occupation groups  in Turkey, because you are not a civil servant, even if you graduated from the law faculty.

Even if you want to be a lawyer, unfortunately, you will be facing with the same problem. Since 3rd Article of ‘Advocacy Law’ of Turkish Republic  clearly explains that who can work as a lawyer. Regarding to this law, someone, who is not a citizen of Turkey, cannot work as a lawyer in Turkey.

If you are a doubled citizen or if you are a Balkan refuge, you can work as a lawyer without any problem.

Why universities provide quotas in law for international students, if they cannot work as a judge, a lawyer or a prosecutor?

The student, who graduated from a university, may not have a dream on becoming a judge, a lawyer or a prosecutor. S/he may want to have an academic career in law. In this case, there is no problem to have an academic career on law.

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