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Life and Culture in Turkey

Life and Culture in Turkey

Life in Turkey consists of many different cultures and traditions. Turkey is dominated by both eastern and western cultures. As geographically, Turkey has strategic importance. Many civilization were born in territory or land of Turkey. In addition, Turkey is a very modern and developed country. Life and culture in Turkey is very interesting and welcoming.

Turkey, which is the best example of combination of traditions and modern thought as harmony, will provide a new point of view for international students. By this view, you will have excited experiences in your education, job and social life. Turkey, whose population is around 80 millions,  has different ethnic groups, and therefore, all religion and thoughts are expressed freely.

Three sides of Turkey are surrounded by seas and Turkey has 4 different seasons.. Also, in the same time,  when you go to the sea in south-west part of Turkey, you can have a rest and take winter exercises in north-west part of Turkey. Turkey is divided into 7 districts and 81 cities.

In Turkey, there are so many students, employees and investors from all around the world.


The majority of Turkey belongs to Islam religion. Since, Turkey is a combination of different cultures, members of other religions together live in Turkey. There are lots place of worship of all religions in Turkey. Everyone can fulfill the requirements of their religion. In metropolitan cities, there are churches and synagogues.

There is no force for religion in Turkey. Turkey is an Islamic country, however there are no prejudices for other religions and prejudices do not reflect  the reality. As long as you study in Turkey, you can fulfill the requirements of your religion. Being unbelief or your religion are never criticized.


As heritor of Ottoman cultures, Turkish cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. Turkish cuisine was affected by both Balkans and Middle East cuisines, and also Turkish cuisine had affected them. In addition, Turkish cuisine has differences according to the regions which are Turkey’s geographical regions. By having different types of climates in Turkey, many kinds of  fruits and vegetables grow. Because of it, specific types of meals are occurred in each region. Almost every city has its own cuisine. At least, every vegetable is used for  5 different meals. In Turkish cuisine, breakfast has importance and it is very developed. In addition, Turkish cuisine is known by its refreshments after the meal.

In turkish cuisine, meat dishes (different kinds of kebab), soups and vegetable foods play  important roles. By the reason of Islamic terms, pork meat cannot be used for meat dishes. Usually, meat dishes are from meats of sheep, beef, chicken and turkey. Also, in Islam, it is important how animals are cut. Thus, meats that are appropriate for Islamic rules, are sold.

In metropolitan cities, you can find places that has cuisines of other countries.


In Turkey, entertainment is an important part of culture. Turkey includes Eastern and Western entertainments. For instance, during Ramadan, you can find entertainments that  perform according to cultures of Islam and Ottoman, you can find entertainments as pop, rock, hip-hop, electro, jazz, classical, opera, or other musical genres. In addition, almost every city is active in nightlife. Clubs, cafes and bars are important parts of nightlife. Every day you can see concerts of local or foreign singers in metropolitan cities. Also, international festivals are the best example of Turkish culture, which has both Eastern and  Western cultures.

There are cinemas in each city but, state theaters are only  in metropolitan cities. Also,  there are private theatres.

By magnificent history of Turkey, you will be fascinated due to the historical museums of Turkey. Many cities of Turkey are like open air museum.

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