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Life in Ankara

Life in Ankara

Ankara is the capital and the political center of Turkey. Ankara has a history, which is dated back to Hittite Empire. With having 5 millions population, Ankara is one of the crowded cities of Europe. Primarily, the Turkish Parliament and all ministerial offices and headquarters of political parties, general staff, embassies and all government institutions are in Ankara. In terms of economics, Ankara is the second metropolitan city of Turkey. In addition to government institutions, heads of many public companies are located in Ankara. With having 18 universities and thousands of students, it is one of the important student cities of Europe. Also, Ankara has the largest government employees number of Turkey. Ankara is preferred by many local tourists because of having water parks, national parks, ski centers, spas and thermal centers. Life in Ankara is busier and quiet at the same time.

Daily life in Ankara is quieter than Istanbul. Ankara is optimal for the ones, who would like to live in the center of a metropolitan city and want to have a peaceful life. In Ankara, accommodation costs are cheaper than Istanbul. Moreover, there are many museums in the city. The city is so developed for transportation. Local and intercity transportations is very easy. There is a direct transportation from Ankara to other cities by highways and airways. With its international airport, you can fly from Ankara to most of the countries. Also, Ankara is the center of intercity highway lines and has high-speed train for intercity transportation.

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