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Life in Antalya

Life in Antalya

Antalya is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey and located at the Mediterranean coasts. Antalya is one of the best tourism centers’ of both Turkey and the World, since every year it hosts tourists, whose number is at least 5 fold of the city’s population. Its history extends to Lydians and its population is over 2 millions. It has so many historical places. Around 100.000 people from different countries live in Antalya. The number of 5-stars hotels in the city is larger than the number of 5-stars hotels in many European countries. The summer is hot and the winter is warm. In addition to tourism, the agriculture is also so developing. The city exports agricultural products to Europe, Old Soviet Russian countries, Middle East and Northern Africa. The biggest part of Turkey’s fruit demand’s is produced in Antalya. Antalya is the fifth crowded city of Turkey among 81 cities. Therefore, life in Antalya is never boring.


During 7 months of the year, Antalya is so busy with tourists. Daily life at many districts of Antalya is on tourism. The people are friendly. The city has 19 districts and 12 of them lay along the coast and world’s best beaches are in the region. Also the people renew themselves in Antalya since it has waterfalls, islands, lakes, archaic residues and accommodation centers.


Antalya is in Southern of Turkey and its territory is large. It has a coast of 400 km. Physical geography of the city is convenient for mountain sports. Also, it has a ski center. In May, you can ski and swim in the sea at the same day. Muğla, where is famous for tourism like Antalya, is neighbour of the city.


Although Antalya is a tourism city, the daily life is cheap. Railway and buses are vehicles of public transportation. By its international airport, you can directly fly to many countries. Flying to Istanbul takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.


As of 2018, there are 1 state and 2 private universities in the city. Akdeniz University, which is a state university, is famous for medical science all around the world. The world’s first transplants of head, uterus, arm and leg were realized in Akdeniz University. Generally, medical science and tourism faculties of that universities are prefered.

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