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Life in Eskişehir

Life in Eskişehir

Eskişehir, where is 3 hours away from Istanbul and 1 hour away from Ankara, is a historical and touristic city and known as student city of Turkey. During the history, it hosted Phrygia, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires. The population is around 800.000. Since the city has Anadolu University, it is the most important reason of why Eskişehir is known as student city.  Especially, many students, whose number is around twice of the city’s population, study in distance learning program of Anadolu University’s distance education faculty. There also, Osmangazi University with over 30.000 students and Anadolu University with over 60.000 students have an important role for calling Eskişehir as student city. Therefore, student life in Eskişehir is always amazing with lots of students living in the city.

Eskişehir shines with the increase in the number of local and international tourists that visit the city each year. Every year it hosts many tourists, whose number is around the city’s population. The city, which hosts many international events, is located near Porsuk River. Boat and gondola tours are organized on the river, so it reminds you Venezia. In addition, the city has so many historical places. Many enterprises at Eskişehir in service sector serve for tourists and students. Eskişehir’s attractiveness rises every year by the quality of life standard and cheapness of daily life.

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