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Life in Istanbul

Life in Istanbul

Life in Istanbul is interesting and unrepeatably beautiful. During the history, Istanbul was the capital of many countries. It is located on a peninsula, whose 3 sides are surrounded by sea. In the long run, the city expanded its territory and today with having around 20 millions population, Istanbul is one of the important cities of the world. Primarily, the city is the center of history and also it is the center for economy, sports, arts, politics, entertainment, culture and life. By its population, Istanbul is the most crowded cities of the world and each year many tourists, whose number is equal its population, visit this city. Istanbul is one of the unique cities of the world by having 24-hour non-stop life. Thus, you can find everything whenever you want. Istanbul is not only fascinating city of its region, it is one of the fascinating cities of the world and connects Asia to Europe through its bridges, subway line under the sea and steamship lines.

Istanbul hosts a lot of universities and hundred thousands of students. Service sector is developing and this makes Istanbul unique in the world. A lot of people from all nations live in Istanbul. Thus, there is a variety of attitudes and manners. Therefore, actively, a multitude of events such as organization, meeting and concert are organized in Istanbul. Although it is a mega city, when it is compared with European cities, Istanbul is very cheaper. So, this increases the fascination of the city.

Istanbul is very large, so during education life of an international student do not travel all parts of Istanbul and also many historical and touristic places in it. It has developing transportation lines and vehicles. Commonly, public transportation are used in every point of the city. It has a subway line that goes through under 62 meters of the sea. There are direct flights to Istanbul from all countries. The transportation on the Bosphorus that separates Asia and Europe continents are provided by ferry boats and steamships.

Istanbul enlarges and develops quickly and  has important projects. Daily life standard is very high and there are many efforts to increase this standard. The city hosts tourists each session of the year. The city has all 4 seasons. The average temperature in winter is around 5-15 degrees in celsius and in summer it is around 25-35 degrees in celsius. There many places for students to socialize. Istanbul is a unique city and reminds you outdoor museum.

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