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Life in Izmir

Life in Izmir

Izmir is one of metropolitan cities of Turkey with over 4 millions population. During the history, Izmir hosted many civilizations and nowadays Izmir is still known as sanctuary in Christian World by having the house of the Virgin Mary and Ephesus. Also, the city has other important historical places. The city, where has coasts to Aegean Sea, has world-known beaches and host hundred thousands of tourists every year. The climate is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Winter season is short lived in Izmir. Trade is so developing because of the port. Thus, there are many shipyards in the city. The considerable part of Izmir is a peninsula. Public transport is provided by tram, metro, bus and ferryboat. Direct flight to many countries is organized by its international airport. Therefore, life in Izmir is very interesting.

In addition to Izmir’s touristic structure, the city hosts a lot of people from different countries by developing of trade. Every year in Izmir, international expo, sport events and festivals are organized.

Different cultures live in every part of Turkey. Having European life standard is distinctive feature of Izmir. Since the city is nearest to Greek Islands geographically, Izmir presents both Anatolian and Mediterranean cultures as harmony. Although it is a metropolitan city, the city is one of the peaceful cities in the country. The city has wide range of food culture and Mediterranean cuisine is dominant in the region. As most of Turkey’s cities, also in Izmir, daily life costs is cheaper than half of all European cities.

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