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Other Exams For Education in Turkey

Other Exams for Education in Turkey

International students are eligible to enter in Turkish universities by exam results of ALES, YÖS and SAT. Also there are other exams that prospective students can participate in and and apply with score to Turkish universities. Beside this, they can study in Turkey by international exam scores or national exams’ scores in their countries.

Associate Degree – Bachelor Degree

International students, who want to study an associate degree or bachelor degree, can apply to Turkish universities and provide them university entrance exam results which was organized in their countries (for example TQDK).

Due to the fact that each university has its admission criteria, you should pay attention to which exam results are accepted.

Master and Doctorate

International students, who want  to study at master or doctoral degrees, instead of ALES exam can provide GMAT exam results if they would like to get education in social sciences. If they would like to study at master or doctoral degrees, in technical science like engineering, they can provide GRE exam results instead of ALES.

You can click here in order to get more information about association and bachelor degrees in Turkish universities.

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