Travel in Turkey

Travel in Turkey

Intercity travel in Turkey is very enjoyable.

Particularly, for recognition of cultural diversity and visiting historical and touristic places will be more fun during your trip. Almost in areas of Turkey, you can see international students and tourists with the aim of travelling. Around 15 million tourists came to Istanbul in 2017.

Rent a car

Turkey has a large and developing highways. You can rent a car, if you want to go by a private car to other city. You have right to choose a car that you want from rental car companies. There are many rental car companies in many cities. You have to have a valid driving licence for renting cars. Some companies require a valid driving licence, which was taken at least 18-months ago. The reason for that is ensuring that you will drive a car safely.

Usually, credit cards are used for payments, but some companies accept payments in cash. Car prices for one day change between 60 TL and 500 TL. In addition, if you take one car for more days, you will pay less. While the number of days that you rent a car increase, the price of the car decreases. The reasons for variation of prices are features of the car and the number of days that the car is rented.

You should not forget that, renting a car is more expensive than other transportation alternatives. However, if you want to rent a car, we recommend you to look at websites of rental companies below:

Budget –

Sixt –

Hertz –

Avis –


Bus Travel

Bus travel is common in Turkey. Bus travel is attractive because of comfort of buses and having large and developing highways.

There are bus voyages from metropolitan cities to every city in Turkey. The one of the main reasons for choosing bus travel is that having these alternatives. If you want to travel by bus, first of all, you should find out related information about your destination city by the Internet or contacting by phone, or visiting the bus companies’ offices. Since Turkey has regional and national bus companies, some companies do not have transportation services for some cities that you can travel.

In many cities, the buses depart from the bus terminals. Before you buy tickets, you should get information about departure place of your bus. This can be an issue in metropolitan cities. For instance, in Istanbul there are bus terminals both in Anatolian side of Istanbul and European side of Istanbul.

If you arrived to Istanbul Atatürk Airport and if you want to go to another city in Turkey, by using metro line which is located under the airport, you can go to Esenler Intercity Bus Station.

If you arrived to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is located in Anatolian side of Istanbul, and if you want to go to another city in Turkey, you can use public transport by buses at the exit of the airport or you can use buses of the HAVATAŞ company, you can go to the Harem Intercity Bus Station.

You can buy your bus ticket from the Internet by a credit card. National bus companies’ tickets are cheaper on the Internet. By this way, you can pay less money for your ticket when it is compared the ticket price, which is taken from the office of the company. Price of bus tickets depends on distance between the cities. In addition, cost of tickets can change according to summer and winter seasons. Usually, the ticket cost is between 20 TL and 100 TL.

Below you can find the links of Turkey’s leading bus firms. Also, ticket prices can depend on features of the bus.

Anadolu Ulaşım –

Kamil Koç –

Metro Tourism –

Pamukkale Tourism –

Ulusoy –

Varan –

Travel by plane

Travelling by plane is very common in Turkey. Developing of private airline companies and decreasing the price of the tickets have key roles to be preferred planes for intercity travel.

There are airports in many cities of Turkey. In small cities, there is no airport so you should check the city that you travel has an airport or not. For this, you should look at this website. If there is no airport in the city that you will travel, you should move to the nearest city by plane and move there by bus. Do not forget that if there is no airport in the city that you will travel, definitely another city, where is maximum 2-3 hours far away, has an airport.

If you buy your plane ticket many days before your travel, it will be better for you to have it cheaper. For example, the ticket, which you bought 15 days before your traveling, was 79 TL but if you buy the same ticket 3 days before your travel you can see it is220  TL. Therefore, it will be better for you to buy ticket earlier.

Some airline companies sell tickets for the young category between 18-24 ages range. Tickets of this category is 10% or 20% cheaper.

You should pay attention to your luggage limit when you buy tickets. For some cheap services, there can be less luggage limit or there cannot be luggage limit.

You can see a list of airline companies in Turkey below.

Atlas Global Airlines –

AnadoluJet Airlines –

Pegasus Airlines –

Turkish Airlines –

Onur Airlines –

Sun Express Airlines –

Travel by train

Travel by train is not common in Turkey. Thusi there are not so much places where you can travel.

In the result of developing in technology, construction of the express railways continues. Currently, there are trains, whose speed up to 250 km/ h, between Eskişehir-Ankara and Konya-Ankara. In addition, construction of the line of Istanbul-Eskişehir continues.

Travel by train is the most economical transportation way. If you frequently travel, you can travel with monthly subscription. You can look at prices for monthly subscription from the website of TCDD. Also, you can buy a ticket from website.


Travel by ship

If you want to travel in Marmara region, it is important for you to get information about travelling by ship.

Travel by ship is organized with high speed ships. The travels, which are based from Istanbul, are more quickly than highway transportation. Particularly, if you go to Bursa, Bandırma and Izmir, it will be better for you in terms of spending less time.



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