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What is YÖS?

What is YÖS 

In this article, we’re going to respond your question ‘What is YÖS?’ and inform you detailly.
YÖS (international students exam) was organized by a central system SSAC in Turkey (ÖSYM) had been lasted until 2010 year and then it was removed. Instead of it universities created some criterias for international students admission. Particularly, state universities have continued to hold their own YÖS exam (Many of them in their campus) to choose more successful students. However, with one difference! Most of the universities, which have their own YÖS exam, do not accept the YÖS exam results of other universities. It means that students have to take the YÖS exam at several universities, where they want to get education at. In this way, it is undeniable that the system creates pecuniarily some difficulties for the applicants.

How right it is that the universities organize their own YÖS exam after removing of YÖS central exam?

With removing of YÖS central exam in 2010 and then removing YÇS (exam for the ones whose parents work abroad)  in 2012, international students admission has gained more importance. In particular, Turkish citizens at abroad, who prepare for YÇS examination, have found themselves in the unknown system and this situation affected them. Thus, we would like to write this article with the purpose of informing students about international students admission process.

Which courses include in YÖS?

By  removing of YÖS central exam, the content of the exams, that are organized by universities, have been changed as well. In other words, universities that organize YÖS exam can change YÖS content as they wish. For example, the YÖS exam of  Yıldız Technical University consists of 50 questions of mathematics and geometry. It means that a student who prepares to take YÖS exam of  Yıldız Technical University doesn’t have to consider IQ ( Logic ) tests, because the exam does not include IQ questions. However, Marmara University, Istanbul University, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Özyeğin University,  Namık Kemal University, Ankara University and Ege University organize their YÖS exam as format of YÖS central exam. The exams of these universities consist of 35 IQ , 30 mathematics and 5 geometry questions. We would like to inform you about last year’s YÖS exam of Dokuz Eylül University included biology and chemistry questions. As a result, students have to prepare themselves for the exam under the conditions of the university that they want to get education.

Where can I  find books for preparing for YÖS?

Since there is a lack of YÖS preparation resources,  the main problem of students is that not knowing which books to buy. Some students prepare for YÖS by buying books of  LYS-LGS (exams for Turkish students by the government). However, there is a problem in that point. In particular, there is no questions that requires reading in YÖS exam. In other words, YÖS exam’s questions are based on only the calculations for  mathematics and geometry. Thus, there is no mathematical problems and reading questions in YÖS exam.

If you have a question like: “Which books can I use?” then, if you live in Turkey, we recommend you to buy the course books of Çagdaş Analiz Dershanesi and Metropol Derhshanesi. These course books are prepared well and relevant to YÖS system. In addition, students who live in Germany can purchase the books by Global Akademi. Also, Metropol’s publications are on sale in Azerbaijan and Iran. You can contact with these publishers to have detailed information about books when you would like to order the books.

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