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Why should I Get Education in Turkey?

Why should I Get Education in Turkey?

In this article, we’re going to inform you shortly and make you ask and get answers about this question:’Why should I get education in Turkey?’ We also believe you’ll have better answers for your own consideration.
You can have more than 1 diploma while you get education in Turkey.

Because of its strategic and geographical points of view, Turkey is one of the world’s most important countries. Turkey united in its lands both Asian and European continents and plays the role of the bridge between different cultures. In Turkey’s cities, East and West cultures has lived together. In the last 10 years, in terms of economic growth Turkey was in 1st place in Europe and was in one of the top 5 countries in the world. Turkey has a unique geographical position; Europe is at the West, Balkans and Caucasus are at the North, Middle East is at the East and in Africa is at the South. Turkey was active as in its politics and history, and today continue to be as active and strong. It has a population of 80 million are every religion, genders and colors. Furthermore, Turkey is a rapidly growing, reliable, independent and advanced country and continues on this way.


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Turkish universities provide a high quality of education. In the ranking of top universities of the world, there is no universities from many of the countries in Europe, but Turkish universities took place in this ranking. There are 81 cities in the country and each city has at least a university. There is no matter of what education you get in Turkey, because you will get more things and learn more information about both West and East cultures. Turkey is a very developed country in many fields such as education, sport, arts, politics, economics, tourism and etc. In Turkish universities, you do not get only education; you socialize and have opportunities to know the world, because Turkey is a country, which has the high targets and run to reach these targets. In 2017, 20 millions tourists visited merely to Istanbul and Antalya. In the same year, 250.000 patients came to Turkey from abroad to be treated in Turkish hospitals. Every year, lots of events, seminars and conferences are organized in Turkey. In other words, Turkey is exactly an opportunistic country for students. Living standards and qualities are very high, and the cost of living of Turkey is cheaper than the all countries of Europe. Turkey has a four-season climate in a year. Transportation between the cities is very convenient. Each city has lots of historical artifacts. Diplomas of Turkish universities are recognized and validated in all countries of the world. The Turkish people are very hospitable and helpful. Actually, it means that you will not have problems about adaptation.

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